Advanced WooCommerce Quantity


Control the minimum, maximum and step value of your product quantity input.

Set the min & max quantity

You can set the minimum and maximum quantity of a product, or all products to cap stock.

Easy as chips.

Pick from 5 different
measurement types

Length & Width Calculator for WordPress supports 5 different units of measurement.

Choose from m², cm², mm², inch² and feet² for your input and result measurements.

Add to your WooCommerce
product with ease

The calculator supports WooCommerce, so editing and adding the calculator at product level is super easy.

Choose from an array of options to configure your calculator for your products.

Choose a support package

Select a support package that suits your needs from the cards below.

No support


You will not receive any item support.

6 months


You will receive support for 6 months.

12 months


You will receive support for 12 months.

What support package is best for me?