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The WooCommerce File Upload plugin has two types of settings, global and product level.

Global Settings

The global settings are also known as the fallback settings. In which, you set a global value or string for each setting for the products to fallback on if the product level settings have not been configured.

The WCFU plugin comes with a handful of global settings to ensure your customers have the correct options for a great user experience.


  • Minimum files to upload – set the minimum files for the customer to upload
  • Maximum files to upload – set the maximum files for the customer to upload
  • Default file uploader – when enabled it will remove the drag and drop area from products, and replace it with the standard file input


  • Default filetypes – set the default filetypes to display at product level, this helps with ease of finding the filetype

Error Messages

  • Wrong filetype – displayed when a filetype that is restricted, is uploaded
  • Maximum files – displayed when a customer has exceed the maximum file value
  • No files attached – displayed when a customer tries to add a product to the basket that has WCFU enabled and doesn’t have any file(s) uploaded

Product Settings

The product settings will always override the global settings as they unique and configured individually for each product.

  • Enable/disable – set the product status, whether you would like to have WCFU enabled for that product or not
  • Section title – title to be displayed inside the drop zone
  • Filetypes – select which filetypes you would like enabled for this product (this has to be set)
  • Maximum files – set the maximum files for the customer to upload

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