Not your average team of WordPress developers.


  • FIX JavaScript issue revoking access to admin hover actions
  • FIX PHP error on saving admin product when accessing save_post hook
  • FIX Add to cart AJAX for single products
  • ADDED New directory for all uploaded files to be saved
  • ADDED Restrict media library for users that are not logged in
  • ADDED Type of preview, cards or list format
  • ADDED Templates to be overwritten in theme
  • ADDED Further checks when a product is added to cart
  • ADDED Option to increase price per file uploaded
  • ADDED Support and settings for variable products
  • ADDED New filters and actions to extend WCFU


  • FIX Corrected name of maximum files general setting
  • FIX Removed ‘http://’ / ‘https://’ from the beginning of file list in Admin
  • ADDED Better UX on file list on product page
  • ADDED Switch between drag & drop area and normal input
  • ADDED Download all files from Admin to Zip Archive


  • FIX Limit files per product
  • ADDED Limit files globally
  • ADDED Select2 library for admin inputs
  • ADDED Error messages for different types of errors
  • ADDED Easier navigation for filetypes


  • MINOR Further strings escapable


  • FIX Event delegation in Js files
  • MINOR Strings escapable


  • Initial release

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