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This plugin enables you to take full control over the quantity input field on your product and cart page with the capability to control your minimum quantity, maximum quantity and the interval between each step on the input.

You’re able to set the minimum quantity that a customer can order. Let’s say that you want the customer to order a minimum of 4 for a specific product, you’d set the minimum quantity field at either global or product level to put this into place.

You can set the maximum quantity that the customer can order for that product, or all product – depending on your settings level. For example, if you want the customer to be able to order only 10, you would set the field to 10.

Add the value of the incrementation of each step. For example, if you want the user to order in 4’s you would set the field to 4, in result, the customer would go up 4 each time, or go down 4 each time until it reaches the minimum or maximum quantity allowed.

You can add intuitive buttons to allow easier usability on your quantity field. You can enable and disable the -/+ buttons at any time. When disabled, the button styling will also be removed so it doesn’t interfere with any other of your CSS files.

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